Order Cancellation

This is our new policy effective as of 6/11/21. For orders made prior to 6/11/21, our old policy is here.

Sometimes you need to cancel an order for one reason or another and we understand. This document outlines our cancellation policy including how to request a cancellation and what fees may be assessed.

Requesting an Order Cancellation

You can request a cancellation by contacting customer service. Please use the e-mail address associated with your account. When submitting your request, include your order number and reason for cancellation for fastest service.

If you have not yet paid for your order (your order will have a status of "pending"), you can cancel at any time from the Purchase History section of our website.

Cancellation Fees

Once you place and pay for an order, there may be cancellation fees for cancelling any order.

The cancellation fee (if any) will be based on the total order value (including shipping and tax) unless specified otherwise below. For example, if you paid $100 for an order (including taxes and shipping), a 5% cancellation fee would be $5. 

A cancellation fee will never be an additional fee you have to pay. Cancellation fees will always be deducted from any refund or credit you receive when cancelling an order. If we under calculate the fee, you will never have to pay the difference. If we over calculate, we will always send an additional credit for the difference.

Why do we charge a cancellation fee?

We have to charge a cancellation fee because as soon as your order is received, we are allocating resources to get your order scheduled, picked up, and to you. The cancellation fees help us keep our costs -- and the fees we charge to you -- down.

Cancelling an Order Before Paying

If you have placed and order but not yet paid (i.e., payment failed) and your order has the status of "pending", there is no cancellation fee.

You can cancel at any time from the Purchase History section of our website.

Cancelling an Order Before Pickup

Orders being cancelled before pickup, the cancellation fee is a percentage of the total order.

You can view your order's status and scheduled pickup date from the Purchase History section of our website.

  • Orders that have not been scheduled for pickup (statuses include "processing", "pending availability", "custom shipping payment", and "on-hold") will be assessed a 5% cancellation fee and it will not exceed $25.
  • Orders with the status of "pickup scheduled":
    • If your order scheduled pickup date is more than 2 days away*, your order will be assessed a 5% cancellation fee and it will not exceed $50.
    • If your order scheduled pickup date is less than 48 hours away*, you will be assessed a 10% cancellation fee.
    • Cancellations are not accepted the day of a pickup.

* When determining the time before a pickup, we use the time your request is received by customer support and exclude the actual day of the pickup. For example, if your pickup is for June 12th, "more than 48 hours" would be on or before June 9th.

Cancelling an Out-of-Stock Order

Once an order has been attempted and not all items have been picked up, you can cancel your order to stop subsequent pickups. Your order will show as Partially Picked when only part of the order was picked up, Unable to Pickup when the entire order could not be picked up, or Pending Availability when we aren't able to reschedule it for a another pickup due to it's availability with the retailer.

Since we attempted a pickup for you, your order will be assessed a cancellation fee equal to the Pickup Fee for each of the cancelled items. This covers the time and expense of coordinating and making a pickup of your order.

At checkout, if you chose to "cancel entire order" when one or more items are out-of-stock, all items in the order will be assessed the cancellation fee.

Cancelling an Order After Pickup

If you wish to cancel an order after pickup, it will need to be processed in accordance to our Returns policy.

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